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Description: Many today have fallen for myths and fables regarding the timing of the rapture and certain end times events. This will leave them open for great deception and the fulness of the great falling away prophesied in 2 Thessalonians 2:3 when they fall for a false scenario that Satan will set up in which they believe the antichrist is here, the mark of the beast is being given out, and the tribulation is occurring. They will then embrace the true antichrist as the second coming of Christ and follow him into delusion and worship. Please prayerfully consider the words of this video and do not be deceived. Stay on guard, "Watch ye therefore, and pray always, that ye may be accounted worthy to escape all these things that shall come to pass, and to stand before the Son of man" (Luke 21:36).


Brother Hicks Speaking: Hello brothers and sisters, today I want to talk to you about the false end times scenario that will deceive many. Now, this is going to be something a little different from what I normally do. I normally teach from the Scripture down the line. I want to talk to you about something the Lord has dealt with me on for a number of years now and I only started telling people about it around a year and a half ago or so, back in early 2012. It is this idea that we believe in the end times [events of Scripture]: that there will come an antichrist, that there will be a mark people will take (they cannot buy or sell without it), and Jesus will return at the end [of the Tribulation Period]. And that is what is going to happen, but the deception is going to be in what Satan does to trick people. I don’t want you to be deceived. I don’t want you to be led into error.

What I believe is going to happen is that there will be a false Tribulation Period, a false antichrist, a false mark. There will be a scenario in play that will look just like what we see in the book of Revelation. Many people will think, “We are in the Tribulation Period,” and they are going to say, “Well, that guy is the antichrist, because they are forcing a mark on people. You can’t buy or sell without it.” What will happen is many will deny [this man] and say, “I am not going to take that mark,” and think they just avoided taking the mark of the beast. The deception here is that this whole thing is a false timeline that the devil  playing out on people. He knows his time is limited.

So people see this… Do you think the devil does not know what is in Scripture? He knows what is in there! So he lays out this scenario for you, where you believe it, you fall for it and think, “Okay, this is the Tribulation Period, I am in the middle of the Tribulation, this is the mark of the beast.” It is all fake to get you to think when the [real] antichrist actually shows up you will think it is the real Christ. So then you have no problem taking the actual mark of the beast, because you will think that maybe it is some fulfillment of Revelation 3:12, [saying to yourself], “We are getting God’s name in our heads.”

This is why so many people will be deceived, professing Christians at least, because they will fall for this scenario and they will turn to antichrist thinking it is Jesus Christ. Remember, Jesus warned there will be people coming in My Name, saying, Lo, here is Christ, there is Christ, [but] don’t believe them (Matthew 24:23-24). Many people will be deceived by this scenario. This has nothing to do with what you believe about the end times, as far as pre-trib, mid-trib, post-trib, pre-wrath. This is going to deceive a lot of people. There will be pre-trib people that will see it and not understand what is going on. There will be post-trib people who will think, “Oh yeah, we are in the Tribulation Period,” and then they will fall away.  Because of this scenario going on, when the antichrist shows up these people are going to think it is the Second Coming of Christ. They will have no problem taking the mark of the beast and doing any of these things, because they will think they are in the Millennium. They are literally going to deny the Lord Jesus and follow this false man, this antichrist, this man of sin, this man of perdition (2 Thessalonians 2:3).

Satan is very deceptive, he is very subtle. This is really what I believe is going to happen. When anti-christ actually arises people are going to think it is the Second Coming of Christ. That is why so many are going to believe on him and accept him, because they are going to think they already went through all this that is described in the book of Revelation, and this man that is appearing now is Jesus Christ, the Second Coming of Jesus Christ. Many are going to be led astray.

My brothers and sisters, you have to be on guard. You have to be in tune to the Holy Spirit and hear from God yourself. If you are following all these men with their predictions and theories, you are going to be led astray. You might even fall for such a scenario where there appears to be a Tribulation Period, where there appears to be a mark. Let me be very clear, you shouldn’t take ANY mark, but there will be coming a time when there will be a false mark that appears to be the mark of the beast. What might it be called? It might be called BEAST, who knows? But it is going to be false and it is going to be to lure you into feeling comfort [and saying], “Well, I overcame. I overcame that mark, I didn’t take it.” [This is] getting you prepared for the second coming, that you think is the Second Coming of Christ, but it is actually the first coming of anti-christ.

Anti-christ does not just mean “against Christ,” it can mean “replacement for Christ.” And that is what many people are going to find, when they look to him and think he is Christ, they think he is the return of Jesus Christ, and they throw their souls into perdition, unfortunately.

Now, those that believe in the pre-tribulation rapture are not going to be deceived by this, because they know they will be raptured BEFORE the Tribulation occurs. The real problem comes in when you believe the mid, pre-wrath, or post-trib view, because you are going to believe you are in the middle of the Tribulation Period. You do not know God’s word enough to believe that you are going to be raptured BEFORE the Tribulation occurs, so you are going to think that you are in it. You are going to fall for this scenario, this trap of Satan, you will fall for it perfectly. The saints will be saying, “No, this isn’t the Tribulation Period, that is not the mark of the beast, that guy is not Jesus Christ returning;” they are not going to be deceived by any of this. But many people will, because their false end times views will delude them into thinking, “This is it! I have been preparing for this [Tribulation. I am ready for it now,” and they will be deceived.

My friends, having the wrong view on the timing of the rapture can cause you to have some really poor decision making skills. You will fall for this end times scenario, this pre-Tribulation Tribulation Period, where Satan enacts all the events we see in the book of Revelation, but before they actually really occur. You will wind up going into the Tribulation Period, the real Tribulation Period, thinking you are in the Millennium. Think [about it], the nations are going to think this man, [the anti-christ], is the savior. They are willing to worship him and take his mark. Don’t be deceived, my brothers and sisters.  Satan is extremely subtle and this scenario will trick many, many people, it will deceive many, many people, because they have already been deceived by believing false end times events scenarios, false gospels, believing on a Jesus that does not exist, [etc.] You need to follow Jesus. You need to make sure that you are right with God.

My brothers and sisters, I pray that this has been a blessing for you. I pray that you will consider this, and think about it, and pray about this. Let me know what you think, because I know the Lord must be dealing with other people about this exact same situation. So I would be very interested in what people have to say about this. If you are just going to fight don’t leave any comments. I am not here to fight you. But if you want to discuss the Scriptures, if you want to discuss this whole scenario and how it could play out, I would be very interested to hear from you. If you need any prayer, please contact me, I am happy to pray for you and hopefully I can be a blessing for you. May the Lord Jesus bless you.

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