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Description: It is a common practice of many Calvinists to completely lie about what they believe. Like the Mormons and many other cults, they will deny the actual teachings they believe in order to gain the trust of a Christian so they can slowly bring them into their error. This video shows the exact teaching of Calvinism about God's secret will of decrees that contradict the plain Scripture. Only a few Calvinists are honest enough to admit this is what they believe, most will just say they do not believe this, even though the main leader in their cult, John Calvin himself, plainly taught these things as have all Calvinists since.

TRANSCRIPT OF THE VIDEO (thanks to Carmie of KnowJesusFirst.com and GodIsLove633 on Youtube for the transcription):

Brother Hicks Speaking: Hello my brothers and sisters, today I want to talk to you about some of the teachings of Calvinism, and specifically what they actually teach because some Calvinists have said I am misrepresenting Calvinism; this is a common argument and trick , because I am not misrepresenting Calvinism, my intent is to present it exactly as it is, because it doesn’t need any exaggeration, it doesn’t need anything made up about it, it is horrible and blasphemous on its own. So I wanted to say exactly what it says and I want to represent it correctly. So I want to quote you from John Calvin himself, the amazing thing is, even when you quote John Calvin, you’ll have Calvinists saying “Well, we don’t believe that,” they will not acknowledge what they really believe, it’s a true delusion and deception. In many ways, Calvinism is just like any other cult, it’s like the Mormons, it’s like the Jehovah’s Witnesses, [when] they use our language, our Christian terminology, but they have completely different meanings. When a Mormon talks about Jesus, they’re not talking about the same Jesus we’re talking about, they are talking about the brother of Satan. When Jehovah Witnesses talk about Jesus, they’re not talking about God Almighty; they’re talking about a man who became a god. These are different gospels and different Jesus’, and they follow different “gods.” Calvinism is no different.

When we talk about God foreknowing things, we don’t mean He just decreed everything that would ever happen, and essentially He commands everything that would happen, everything that ever will happen, every thought in man’s head, is because God decreed it, from all eternity past, [NO]. We say God [foreknows], He knows in advance, He knew something that would happen, not caused it to happen, and Calvinism teaches that God is the author of these things; everything that happens, He decreed. Now they don’t like to say, some of them, some of them don’t like to say that He is the author of sin, but some are quite honest about it and say “Yes, He is the author of sin, God gets pleasure from sin.” I saw a Calvinist just yesterday saying plainly that God creates sin in men for His pleasure. So this is something Calvinists teach; not all Calvinists are honest enough to really admit that and so they cloak their terminology in different words, and Calvin was the same way, he took words and kind of wrested them around to make them kind of agree with what he is saying, which is not the Bible’s teaching. He does not teach what the Scripture teaches. He teaches the secret knowledge, it’s Gnosticism, that Calvinists know about these decrees that God somehow decreed before all eternity past, but many of these decrees go against what God says in the Scripture, and they take that as His actual will. Meaning anything that happens is His actual will, that’s what Calvinism teaches. You couldn’t murder except God decreed that you would murder, so it’s not you acting based on your own free will; it’s God said you would do that. And they don’t like the charge of “this makes men into robots” but it does. Men are only carrying out the actions of the god of Calvinism, they’re not carrying out their own actions, it’s just that simple. And we’re going to see John Calvin teaches this plainly.

Here is a quote from John Calvin; all these quotes are going to be from the Institutes [of Christian Religion], I looked these up myself, I’ve probably read the Institutes more than most Calvinists have, because when I quote John Calvin they say, “Well, I never read that.” How? How can you not read these things, and not understand these things when they are basic Calvinism? This isn’t some deviation of Calvinism, this is John Calvin himself. Here’s one of the things he says, and I agree with him on the first part of this quote, “THE DECREE, I ADMIT, IS DREADFUL…” It truly is dreadful, this decree idea that Calvinism has dreamed up is dreadful.

[John Calvin says,] “The decree, I admit, is, dreadful; and yet it is impossible to deny that God foreknow what the end of man was to be before he made him, and foreknew, because he had so ordained by his decree" (The Institutes of Christian Religion, Book 3, Chapter 23, Section 7).

So, see he talks about “foreknow,” most people would think that means to know in advance, to foreknow, that’s not what Calvin is saying, Calvin is saying, “Yes, God knows these things in advance because he decreed it, everything that happens is because of God’s decree; the reason God knows these things is only because God decreed them; the decree is why they happen.” So it’s not God knowing what a man would choose to do, it’s God knowing what He would make the man do by decree, that He would say, “That man is going to do this, that man is going to think this thought at this time,” and the man would do it, [because] the man has no choice in the matter. The man cannot do anything but the decree of God. So every man, think about the worst, most evil man, and their actions, those were all decreed by the Calvinist’s god. That’s their theology, that’s not Bible theology, that’s not Christianity, that is a false religion. That is a religion that has a god that is worse than Satan. That is a religion that makes Satan look like a victim. That is a religion that gives man an excuse in the day of judgment, because a man can stand boldly before God and say, “But I only did what actions you decreed I do.” Calvinism is wicked, it’s heresy, it’s blasphemy, it is not of God.

Let’s read on, let’s see some other things Calvin said in his Institutes; “That men do nothing save at the secret instigation of God, and do not discuss and deliberate on any thing but what he has previously decreed with himself and brings to pass by his secret direction, is proved by numberless clear passages of Scripture" (Institutes, Book 1, Chapter 18, Section 1).

Calvin says plainly that men do and think only what God instigates, what God has decreed they would do, what he brings to pass by his secret direction. M an is only doing what God decrees, whatever that may be, whether it’s good or evil, man is only doing what God decrees. Do you see how this changes everything? You cannot believe the Bible and believe Calvinism. Calvinism has a god that makes all things, he sends some people to hell for doing the acts he decreed they do, and some people have eternal life for doing the acts he decreed them to do, there’s no choice in the matter. Some men are chosen, some men are looked over or some men are chosen to damnation, depending on which version of Calvinism you believe, but in the end man has no choice in the matter. And God is creating individuals for the sole purpose of damning them, including babies. True Calvinism teaches that some babies go to [eternal] hell because they were not the elect, even though you never know if they were the elect or not. Some Calvinists have even said if any baby dies before it reaches an age to repent and believe the gospel, they immediately go to hell because of original sin. See we have all kinds of false teachings working together to bring about the heresy of Calvinism, and the damnable blasphemy of Calvinism.

Let’s see something else Calvin said, "If God merely foresaw human events, and did not also arrange and dispose of them at his pleasure, there might be room for agitating the question, how far his foreknowledge amounts to necessity; but since he foresees the things which are to happen, simply because he has decreed that they are so to happen, it is vain to debate about prescience, while it is clear that all events take place by his sovereign appointment" (Institutes, Book 3, Chapter 23, Section 6).

Once again, God doesn’t foreknow because He is finding out about things in advance, the only way God foreknows things [to the Calvinist] is because He decreed them to happen, they happen because He decreed it. There’s no man’s choice in the matter, there’s no angelic choice in the matter; God decrees and everything happens, whatever happens is God’s decree. And I have had people tell me “Well, Calvinism doesn’t teach this, I think that Calvinism just teaches that God knows things in advance,” I am reading you three plain quotes from John Calvin himself and he plainly says that the only way God knows things in advance is because He determine they happen, He decreed they would happen. It’s God decree that causes these things to happen, and He knows what He has decreed, and as I stated before, the god of Calvinism had to think up all the most vile, evil, blasphemous things in all eternity past to decree all these things to happen! My friends, that’s not the God of the Bible, that is not the God of the Bible.

Here are some more quotes from John Calvin, “First, the eternal predestination of God, by which before the fall of Adam He decreed what should take place concerning the whole human race and every individual, was fixed and determined.” (Concerning the Eternal Predestination of God, p.121)

This is just fatalism, that’s all it is. Nothing could be changed, God has pre-decreed everything that would happen, every thought and every action, everything is pre-decreed by God, there’s no choice in the matter, man is only going to do what God decreed them to do, it’s all been fixed and determined, according to Calvinism.

This is John Calvin himself, “God had no doubt decreed before the foundation of the world what He would do with every one of us and had assigned to everyone by His secret counsel his part in life.” (Calvin’s New Testament Commentaries: Galatians, Ephesians, Philippians and Colossians, p.20)

See, “secret counsel,” this is Gnosticism, “secret wisdom,” “secret counsel,” the reason Calvinists would call this secret is because it’s not revealed in Scripture, it’s not taught anywhere in Scripture, this is only taught in Calvinism. This is why Calvinism is on par with Mormonism because they have the book of Mormon, Jehovah’s Witness because they have their Watch Tower bible and Tract society, and they follow those teachings. This group; Calvinism, has its own teachings that go above the word of God in their view and they override Scripture. When the Scripture says God commands us to do one thing but people do something else, the thing people do against what God commands in the Scripture is what Calvinism believe is what God’s actual will is, because everything that happens is God’s will [to them]. So when God says do not murder, but you do murder, that was God’s actual will, “He commands you not to murder but He really wanted you to, because that’s what He decreed.” This is utter error and blasphemy, it denies the word of God completely and it falls for this false secret will of God, that is only revealed in Calvinism and Gnosticism, not in the Scripture.

Calvin says this, “Everything is controlled by God’s secret purpose, and nothing can happen except by his knowledge and will.” (Institutes, Book 1, Chapter 16, Section 3)

Calvin says this, “We also note that we should consider the creation of the world so that we may realize that everything is subject to God and ruled by his will and that when the world has done what it may, nothing happens other than what God decrees.” (Acts: Calvin, The Crossway Classic Commentaries, p.66)

That’s Calvinism: “NOTHING HAPPENS OTHER THAN WHAT GOD DECREES.” Calvinists try to claim that they don’t really believe God decrees all things, and everything evil. Now the Calvinists that are really die-hard will admit this, but a lot of Calvinists try to trick and use [deceitful] words [like], “Well, God foreknows everything that is going to happen,” but what they really mean is God has pre-decreed everything. He only foreknows what He already wrote down, it’s already in a script. Not that He knows what people are going to do in advance, but that He determined what they would do and decreed it in advance.

Here is John Calvin again, “He has plenty of reasons for comfort as he realises that the devil and all the ungodly are reined in by God, so that they cannot conceive, plan or carry out any crime, unless God allows it, indeed commands it. They are not only in bondage to him, but are forced to serve him. It is the Lord’s prerogative to enable the enemy’s rage and to control it at will, and it is in his power to decide how far and how long it may last, so that wicked men cannot break free and do exactly what they want....” (Institutes, Book 1, Chapter 17, Section 10) 

Now I want to give you two Scriptures real quick to really show how this is false. Now in Jeremiah chapter 7 and Jeremiah chapter 32 [Jeremiah 7:31; 19:5; and 32:35 show on screen], we see two times where God says that these wicked acts these men were committing, He did not command it. Calvinism says different, Calvinism says in God’s secret will He commanded it, but in the Bible He didn’t command it, but [to them] the “secret will” overrides the Scripture. Don’t you see how blasphemous this is? They have another testament just like the Mormons, the Mormons have the book of Mormon, the Calvinists have Calvinism, and they hold it above Scripture, because they believe [in] these decrees, that God decreed everything that would happen, they believe fatalism, that everything that happens is fixed, and the only thing that is going to happen is what God wills. So God may say one thing but He really wants another, and what He actually wants is what happens, not what He says in His Scripture, not what He reveals in His word. That’s why they have no problem lying, and twisting Scripture, and denying plain things like Jesus died for all men, like God wants all men to be saved. [Image shows on screen with Hebrews 2:9; John 3:16; 6:51; Titus 2:11-14; 1 John 2:2; 1 Timothy 2:6; Matthew 20:28; 2 Corinthians 5:14-15; etc.] They have no problem denying that because they have the “secret will,” they have this testament that they raise above the Scripture, and they believe it over Scripture. So if it doesn’t line up with, if the Scripture does not line up with their theology, they reject the Scripture because Calvinism has this “secret knowledge.” My brothers and sisters, Calvinism is wicked, it is evil and it is false, it’s a false way. If you follow Calvinism, you’re going to wind up following the devil straight into eternal torment. This is not something to play around [with]. This is not just a disagreement. I want to be very clear about that. This is not just some mere, “Oh we just have some theological disagreements,” this is a matter of blasphemy and perversion and denying the Scripture, that’s what Calvinism does. Calvinists are no more Christian than a Mormon, and the Mormons at least generally are nicer people, but if you’re going to say the Mormon’s not a Christian, you definitely shouldn’t be saying the Calvinist is a Christian, they believe in a different God, a different Jesus, they have another testament, that goes above Scripture (their Calvinism that they hold above Scripture), and they believe anything that happens is actually God’s will, not what God says in His word. So if you’re following Calvinism, I urge you today and I plead with you today, seek the Lord. You are following a false way and it will end in eternal punishment, because Calvinism is not leading you to Jesus Christ, it is not leading you to the Father, it is leading you to eternal death. You’re following a false god, an idol god, a pagan god, a god of fatalism where everything that happens is going to happen anyway, everything that happens becomes the will of God, that’s not the God of the Bible. Please repent today, seek after Him and you will find Him. May the Lord Jesus bless you.

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